Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Roundup

-Sleep in
-Get ready
-Meet inspector at house to go over findings
-Car troubles
-Finally get car started, meet Ann at VW dealership
-Stop off at Hoover house on way to FW convention center to pick up Pathfinder
-Grab some grub
-Run errands in Bedford
-Back home
-Watch rest of Groucho Marx documentary
-Drinks, trivia and jukebox requests with Floyd and Eddie at Tiff & Andy's
-Back home by 12:30
-Hit the hay

-Sleep in
-Get ready
-Cheese toast and coffee while watching What Not To Wear
-Head out with Holly
-Hit Old Navy, Hulen Mall and Kohl's- lots of clothes, including pants!
-Back home for leftover chili & cornbread
-Watch Funny Face and half of Roberta while playing dress up
-Josh home from practice
-Make dinner of tuna, penne and spinach
-Eat and watch documentary on comedy

-Sleep in
-2 loads of laundry
-Make menu plan and grocery list
-Chipotle for lunch
-Grocery shopping
-Unload cargo
-Lots more laundry
-Clean kitchen, sweep & mop
-Visit with Josh's mom
-Finish rest of Roberta and chili
-Watch Mamma Mia! and look through more home ideas
-Britcoms on PBS
-Night night