Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions Version 2009

I've been thinking about what resolutions I would like to make for this new year for several weeks now. Last year was the first time I've really made a strong list and accomplishing just some of them made me feel really great. I had been keeping up with my progress on a monthly basis, which I think helped so I'll try to do that again as well. I've got a list of new resolutions as well as some from last year that I want to continue, renew, or actually get done this time.

New Resolutions:
.Read 15 books this year
.Set up an efficient new household
.Finish my needed dental work
.Try yoga and tai chi
.Watch 5 foreign films
.Travel more
.Cross 5 things of life-goals list

Continued Resolutions:
.More physical activities: pilates & walking
.Study photography and experiment
.Keep up with Newsweek reading
.See our friends more often
.Improve my wardrobe
.Be much more money conscious
.Try 4 new restaurants


Katie Wilkes said...

I like that you divided your resolutions into "new" and "continued." It's also a really good idea to check up on how your doing with your goals on a monthly basis-- that's something I think I'm going to try doing this year.

please sir said...

Such a great list - Happy New Year!