Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Roundup

-Sleep in
-Make coffee
-Work from home, blech
-1 mile walk
-Work on menu plan and grocery list
-Grab dinner at Chipotle
-Eat and watch Simpsons
-Couple of games of Jeopardy with Josh
-Watch some TV
-Insomnia, guh, up till 4:00 AM

-1 mile walk
-See Josh off to practice
-Holly comes over for movie time
-Lunch and Sabrina
-Bake cookies
-Born Yesterday
-See Holly off
-Look through ideas notebook
-Josh gets home
-Leftover Chipotle for dinner
-Put in new tearsheets and reorganize ideas notebook
-Try the couch and watch some Doctor Who
-Finally fall asleep on couch sometime around 3:00 AM
-Wake up and move back to bedroom

-Rise and shine
-Meet Ed at Southgate house, big foundation issues
-Covert, suspicious moisture problem
-Meet with Gary at Wosley house
-Spend an hour looking it over
-Lunch at Chili's
-Grocery shopping
-Unload cargo
-Shower while Josh hooks up my new dvd player
-Mamma Mia! time!
-Watch Bridget Jones' Diary while looking at house pics
-Take two Tylenol PM and look through Ikea catalog
-Finally fall asleep, but toss and turn through the night, meh