Monday, January 19, 2009

Pants and Such

Went shopping on Saturday with Holly and made a lot of progress on my resolution to improve my wardrobe, including pants! Pants had become my arch-enemy, so I was super excited to find some Gap pants that actually fit properly. Some pairs could use a hemming, which I'll be doing soon I hope, but overall they're great. And it seems as though I have definitely been influenced by Joanna and Joslyn in their attempt to dress more like a French woman. Lots of black, blue and gray, and the stripes don't stop here. I also got a $5 deal on a gray turtleneck with black stripes at Forever 21. And your eyes don't deceive you, there is something a bit bumpy about that blue dress. It's a maternity dress. And no, I'm not pregnant. But the dress is awesome. They actually took the XS off the baby-bumped hanger for me so I could try it on. I'm weird, I know. So, next steps? Accessories- shoes, bags and jewelry. I asked for a few things I've found on etsy for my birthday, so we'll see if I can make some progress without spending anymore cash monies. Not pictured is the cute octopus tee I snagged at Old Navy, a floral cross-front top also from ON, the F21 top, and a Groucho-faced tee from Kohl's. I heart Groucho.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I feel your pants pain. I hate standing in dressing rooms and looking at my rear end from all angles. I'm wicked short, too, so I'm perpetually having to get stuff hemmed. Anyway, love the stuff you picked up!