Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Week Check-up

Sorry I've been quiet the past couple of days. We're trying to buy another house and currently dealing the tug of war contract stuff. I'll share more if things go well.

Now, I don't intend to do a weekly post on my resolutions. That would be a little too obsessive, even for me. But, I did want to do a little first week check-up to see how I'm integrating my resolutions into my year so far.

-Last night, after a quick shower, was spent almost entirely in bed reading with a cozy dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese. I might need to make this a weekly thing, which is a great use for the nights Josh has practice.
-Tuesday night I spent an hour reading and taking notes from The Camera and reading the first chapter of Complete Digital Photography.
-I walked 1 mile each day last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I took a break Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I did my old routine. After having done almost nothing but lay in bed the four days prior to New Year I have been quite sore the past few days!
-I still need to call the dentist office, but I did set aside money in the savings fund this week for my next round of dental work.
-I also set aside a little money for travel sometime this year. We've got a lot of expenses coming up depending on how the house prospects go, but travel is important to me and I intend to give it priority.
-I've been poking around corners of the blog and my magazine collection for ideas to incorporate in our new household, whenever the time comes to set it up- taking notes, folding page corners, making bookmarks, etc.

We'll see how well I can keep it up!