Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend Roundup- Thanksgiving Edition

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! We had a nice holiday at my Aunt & Uncle's house. Lots of turkey and pies, what more could you ask for on Thanksgiving?

Friday Josh and I lazed around until I finally urged him that we needed to get a move on. We went and got our hair cut and stopped by the store for a few supplies and my office to pick up a movie from Mom. We got home and had veggie stir-fry and chicken eggrolls for lunch. Then my cousin Angie came over to dye my hair and watch Miracle on 34th Street, which I had discovered she'd never seen just the night before. I popped popcorn and we had plenty of leftover cookies from the day before. After Angie left I just wasted some time watching television till Josh got home from being musical and stuff.

Saturday we overslept for sure. We pretty much decided to spend the day in our pajamas and that's just what we did. Didn't even get dressed when we ran by Mom's to borrow some Christmas movies. I watched White Christmas and worked on gift ideas a little bit. That night I made ham & mozzarella paninis w/ roasted rosemary potatoes and had a bottle of Merlot while we watched A Mighty Wind together. Josh played some video games and I goofed around w/ his music program before hitting the hay.

Sunday we really overslept again. We spent a good chunk of the day being lazy again. I baked a few more chocolate chip cookies and put the rest of the dough in the freezer for later. Watched Christmas Vacation while working on gift ideas some more. I got cleaned up and then Josh and I discussed some of our gift ideas. Then we went out to grab a few groceries from Central Market and pick up our Christmas tree. We got home and got the tree in place with lights and then I made dinner. We enjoyed fish & chips, split a bottle of Old Speckled Hen and finished the meal off with some bread pudding while watching Love Actually. Finished decorating the tree while we watched the rest of the movie. Read some David Sedaris and tried my best to fall asleep, darn insomnia.

So, overall a great lazy weekend. And boy did we need it. Josh has either a rehearsal or show this Friday night, I can't remember which. And then Saturday we have Griffin's birthday party, followed by the Rock School show, followed by the Johnny Lloyd Rollins show. Sunday is more house-hunting, joy of joys. So, a couple days spent mostly in pajamas was well called for and well enjoyed.