Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Josh's Christmas Gifts

I made sure that Josh wouldn't be peeking before I decided to share what I've got tucked under the tree for him to open Christmas morning. Shopping for Josh can be difficult. He tends to say he has everything he wants (aside from expensive technology that I refuse to purchase him). Add to that the size of our family who needs ideas for Josh too and I usually have to come up with a slew of suggestions for everyone, including me. On top of that, Josh usually ends up spoiling it a bit for me because he usually asks for something I've chosen for him already, ruining the surprise just a bit. But at least I know he'll like it! Here's what he's getting this year.

The Dark Knight Two Disc SE DVD, new cartridge for our turntable, 8 GB flash drive, Portishead "Third" LP, JellyBalloons tee from Threadless.com, graphic novel, Stephen King paperback, pajama set, and The Onion's "Our Dumb World"