Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Work, blech
-Deposit check
-Pick up package at home
-Stop by mom's to pick up photograph
-Michael's & Lowe's for gifts
-Post office to mail package to Dad & Lindsey
-Target for more gifts and groceries
-Chick-fil-a for dinner
-Put up groceries
-Eat and watch Muppets Christmas special, not that great but I laughed a lot
-Veg out for a bit
-Make to-do list for next day

-Errands to Fort Worth Camera and World Market for gifts
-Egg & cheese sandwiches for lunch
-Wrap up Christmas treats for delivery
-Pick order up at Fort Worth Camera
-Wrap, wrap, wrap!
-Spaghetti dinner prepared by Josh :)
-More wrapping while watching White Christmas
-Make blueberry muffins for next day's brunch
-Make cookie cottages for Christmas deliveries while watching Scrooged

-Up early
-Get ready
-Christmas brunch at the Hoover house
-Visit, eat, open gifts, etc.
-Finally head home after some fireside chat
-Gather up our goodies and deliver to friends
-Home for more gift wrapping
-Salad and hot dogs for dinner
-Catch a little Wizard of Oz and munch chips & dip
-Hit the hay
-Can't sleep, read some Newsweek, finally conk out