Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The past two years we have hosted my immediate family for Christmas morning, which means I have to play Santa Claus and handle all the stockings. Usually everyone contributes a little something for everybody's stocking, but I'm in charge of all the rest. I've taken care of a good chunk of my Christmas gift shopping, so my mind has turned to the little goodies I'd like to get for everyone this year. Some of these are ideas I've already used, some I plan to use this year and then there are some that are a constant tradition. What do you like to find in your stocking?

Gift Cards- they are always a welcome gift, popular ones are for iTunes, Target and restaurants.
Apples- a traditional stocking stuffer.
Clementines- so much easier to eat than an orange and easier to work in around all the other goodies.
Ferrero Roche- my bro loves these candies, and I happen to like them too.
Socks- I think a cute pair of socks is a nice surprise.
Burt's Bees- any lip balm could do, but Josh specifically asked for this after I gave him a tube last year.
St. Ive's Apricot Scrub- I always ask for a tube at Christmas.
Dublin Dr. Pepper- This is the Dr. Pepper still made with pure cane sugar, a local delicacy.
Mexican Coca-Cola- Again made with real sugar, so good right out of the nostalgic bottle.
Haribos Golden Bears- THE BEST GUMMI BEARS, everyone gets a bag every year.
Chocolates- Ghirardelli squares are a favorite as are Lindt truffle balls, Toblerone and plenty of classics like kisses, peanut butter cups, etc.
Hand Cream- A classic like Nuetrogena's is a unisex treat.
Handkerchiefs- I've gotten Josh some before and he uses them all the time. I feel like I married a real gentleman when he pulls one out of his back pocket. And I never have to worry about carrying tissues in my bag!
Candy Cane- Duh! Gotta have a candy cane hanging on your stocking.


Emily said...

That is the only kind of coke I drink. I buy flats of it from Costco. There is no HFCS in my house if I can control it.

Jenny said...

Those gummy bears remind me of childhood. I stick them in my kids stockings now. Precious.

I was wondering about sticking the holiday baked goods in stockings so people would get their mini bread loaves or whatever that I always mean to bake but then never do. Is that lame?

Olivia Carter said...

All good options! Growing up we always had oranges in the toe. Lately it's been those chocolate oranges (yum... my thighs love them too).

Jessica said...

Jenny- I don't think it's lame. Especially if it's something like zucchini, pumpkin or lemon poppyseed bread. If you open your stockings before breakfast then everyone can enjoy some!

Anonymous said...

Great list -- I like handkerchiefs too. You could also include a notepad and pens.

Tara said...

Great list! I'm planning on using some of these ideas--also putting a bottle of nail polish in for my niece!