Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nose to the Grindstone

So, yesterday's house inspection did NOT go well. Guess we should have listened to Ed & Gary in the first place, but we liked it so much we just had to find out for sure. And it sure needs more work than we can afford to put into it, at least at the price they're willing to sell at. So, back to searching the listings, day in and day out. Waiting for price-drops and new properties to pop up. Got a list of houses to take a look at after the holiday. Sure would have been nice to achieve our goal of being in a house before the year was out, but in a situation like this where you don't control all the circumstances you can't really do much about it. I just hope that we can find something that will work for us. Strangely, the more houses we take a look at the longer my 'wants' list gets, instead of becoming more lax and willing to compromise on more and more stuff. That probably doesn't bode well for us, but we'll do what we can.