Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Wake up early and make breakfast pigs-in-blanket for Joshy
-See Josh off to work, piggies in tow
-Go back to bed
-Catch up on dvr'd shows
-Work on travel plans
-Get dressed
-Tidy up
-Watch some Golden Girls
-Welcome Josh home
-Grab some Chick-fil-a for dinner
-Eat and watch Simpsons
-Practice singing with Josh
-Hit the hay

-Oversleep, as per usual lately
-Make bacon & eggs for breakfast
-Play around on laptop
-Watch more Fred & Ginger movies while working on NYC wardrobe
-Make Josh work on his NYC wardrobe
-Get ready
-Stop at Garden Ridge for Mom-in-law's gift
-Celebrate co-birthdays at Mom-in-law's house
-Eat good grub and play some fund Cranium
-Say goodbye and head home with a monster headache
-Take two Advil and eat tortilla chips
-Fall asleep watching Follow The Fleet

-Wake up
-Have coffee and cheese toast and make shopping list
-Get ready
-Head to Target for groceries and supplies
-Unload cargo at home
-Sort and start laundry
-Watch Simpsons and eat deli sandwich
-Continue laundry and watch Everyday Food and Everyday Baking
-Continue laundry
-Watch episode of What Not To Wear
-Finish laundry
-Watch Dancing With the Stars & tidy bedroom closet
-Watch part 3 of New York documentary and work on packing
-Hit the hay


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