Thursday, January 10, 2008

Start Spreading The News

Josh and I are officially going to New York City in three weeks. Just a quick jaunt to the city that never sleeps, but I am so excited. I've never been to a big city. I mean, I've been to Dallas and Houston, but not for extended stays and they just don't compare to the impressiveness of the 5 boroughs. I've wanted to go to New York since I was, oh probably 14 or 15. And I'm finally going. It's almost unbelievable to me. But it's happening, and soon at that. I made our flight and hotel reservations this weekend, but other than that I only have lots of little ideas floating around in my head as to what to do and see. I got this awesome map book at Borders Monday night, it's very small, but has 50+ detailed maps. Each map covers a different thing, like the subways, buses, museums, restaurants split up by neighborhood, Central Park, etc. So they can give you lots of detail without it all being combined into one incredibly confusing map.

We're staying on the Upper West Side, just 2 blocks west of Central Park. There's a subway stop 2 blocks north and 2 blocks south from us at Hotel Belleclaire. We'll be taking one of those lines down to Battery Park to catch the ferry out to Ellis Island. I can't wait to see my Great-Grandpa's name on the Immigrant Wall of Honor. We'll go to Strawberry Fields and the Dakota. The Public Library and Bryant Park are on the list of stops. And of course, 30 Rock, ha. And I'm on a mission to find this spot from Woody Allen's Manhattan. Thanks to my handy book of maps, I've narrowed down the area, and just have to do a bit more research before I'll hopefully be taking my own picture sitting on that bench.

I'm going shopping this weekend for some stuff for the trip. I'm hoping to find some remnants of the winter stock on sale racks. And Stephanie gave me a tip about these super warm thermals that she gets for snowboarding. That should definitely help me keep warm on our turns around the wintry town. Need some new shoes for the trip too. I don't think my canvas Converse will keep my tootsies warm or dry enough.

The only downside of this trip is that the Carlyle didn't update their calendar quick enough and I'm now set to leave town just 12 hours before Woody Allen performs his Monday night show with the Eddy Davis New Orleans Band. It's no one's fault, but it is a big blow to my anticipation to know that I'm barely missing out on one of my biggest dreams of seeing him perform. This has made me determined to start saving for our next NY trip when I get back from this one.


Tory said...

BAD idea to wear new shoes.
Every single person I've ever heard of going to new york has said one thing and one thing only "I wish I had my comfortable shoes"

If you MUST buy new shoes, wear them every day from the day you get them until you get to new york.

I say this out of Love.

Jessica said...

Don't worry, I know to break my shoes in before I try to trek through the urban jungle in them. :) I'm also taking the stairs at work to prepare for all the up/down from subway to street level.

Pill Box Tales said...

I was in New York about the same time you will be going last year and all I can say is, hat and gloves. Don't worry about your hair, WEAR A HAT. Something that covers your ears. Get a good pair of gloves, I love the convertible ones so you can easily take your fingers out to handle items you find from vendors on the street and from in the stores. I would suggest a down coat, preferably one that is mid-length.
You will love it. Have fun.

ali said...

How fun for you! I wish you luck in your new adventure. Am ever so slightly jealous. Who doesn't want to live in NY?