Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Wake up
-Break up cat fight, oh so fun
-Turn NPR on
-Have coffee
-Clean couch and chair
-Clean up bathroom
-Get ready
-Eat some doritos
-Watch Pioneers of Television: Variety Shows
-Meet Steve, Meri, and Serge at Kimball Art Museum for Picturing The Bible exhibit
-Explore ancient Christian art
-Head home and make coffee
-Welcome Steve, Meri and Cory
-Have zucchini cupcakes and coffee during a rousing game of Scrabble, I won
-Say goodbye to Steve & Meri, till we meet again someday
-Say adios to Cory
-Josh and I grab some Chick-fil-a
-Watch Flight of the Conchords
-Watch What Not To Wear while Josh takes a shower
-Finish Conchords disc 2 while playing Risk, we called it a tie with each of us conquering three continents
-Go to bed

-Sleep in
-Watch Everyday Food and Everyday Baking
-Have some cheese toast
-Watch some of Antiques Roadshow
-Watch second episode of The Jewish Americans
-Watch TV and work on laptop for awhile
-Quickly throw together dinner, balsamic tuna salad pitas and skillet potatoes
-See Josh off to recording studio
-Watch The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle and The Barkleys of Broadway while updating Money accounts and working on menu plan
-Welcome Josh home
-Go to sleeps

-Sleep in way too late
-Get up and make grocery list
-Sort laundry
-Get dressed and head out
-Hit Borders and Barnes & Noble for sister's birthday present
-Go to Target for groceries
-Unload groceries and start laundry
-Eat sandwich and watch some Simpsons
-Watch last episode of Windsor Castle: A Royal Year
-Continue laundry
-Work on NYC plans
-Run to Sonic for ice cream treats
-Watch Dancing With The Stars Season 2, Week 3
-Finish laundry
-Watch Shall We Dance and continue working on NYC plans
-Get in bed too late and fall asleep to Top Hat

This was a pretty good weekend. I managed to vacuum, and updated the financial software. Also said goodbye to our friends Steve & Meri, who will be moving the end of this week. We'll miss them a lot, but hopefully we can visit them in the near future. I made a little progress on our trip plans, and discovered a new way I like to eat tuna. And in case you can't tell from the above, I would happily spend all my time watching Fred Astaire movies, if only I could.


love.boxes said...

A perfect combination of getting a few things done and having some fun!