Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Sleep in just a little bit
-Work a half-day, sooo busy!
-Head home
-Chat with sister for awhile
-Start getting ready
-Shower & do hair
-Head out to Dallas
-Have a scare when the car won't start the first 5 times we try!
-Car starts, head to Dallas
-Load-in and head to Angry Dog to meet up with everyone else
-Eat, chat, and work on Misty's camera
-Head back to Club Dada
-Visit with friends and family who came out while we wait for the show to start
-Enjoy Calhoun's show
-Claim my stake to the front & enter spot
-Absorb as much as possible of The Chemistry Set's last performance
-Sing along to old songs, new songs, and favorite songs
-Suffer a broken heart when it's all said and done
-Say thanks to lots of great people for coming out
-Say goodbye to everyone
-Head home
-Have sandwiches and watch Flight Of The Conchords episode
-Finally hit the hay around 4:00 am

-Wake up far too early, 9:40 am, guh
-Watch dvr'd shows and read Frommer's NYC guide
-Text Angie about going shopping
-Watch Everyday Food and Everyday Baking while having coffee
-Lay around awhile longer and call Angie
-Finally get ready
-Go shopping with Angie for some stuff for trip
-Grab some grub at Ocean Rock
-Head home
-Watch movie and goof around on laptop
-Go to bed exhausted from lack of sleep
-Actually have trouble falling asleep despite exhaustion
-Finally slip into dreamland

-Sleep in
-Get up and have some toast
-Watch some TV and work on weekly menu plan
-Head to Academy, Target, and Old Navy to finish up shopping
-Eat at Kincaid's Burgers, so good, 1 new restaurant down
-Head home and unload all the goods
-Check the mail
-Watch TV and finish menu and grocery list
-Watch Dancing With The Stars S2, Week 2
-Get in bed


love.boxes said...

Sounds like a great weekend. :)