Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Work, blech
-Grab Chipotle on the way home
-Eat and watch TV
-Listen to French lessons while opening online savings account
-Update all accounts on Money software
-Watch TV and clear out 2007 paperwork from file box
-Welcome Josh home from practice
-Watch first episode of Flight Of The Conchords
-Hit the hay

-Sleep in
-Have coffee and cheese toast while watching Everyday Food and the new(!) Everyday Baking from Everyday Food
-Watch Antiques Roadshow while finalizing grocery list
-Grocery shop at Albertson's, boo to new store
-Deliver groceries back to apartment
-Head to Ocean Rock for a lovely mid-afternoon meal on the patio
-Hit Central Market for more groceries: soup, veggie broth, and goji berries
-Empty and reload dishwasher and tidy kitchen
-Clean out pantry
-Listen to Shuffle and read through a user's guide for my camera
-Read through several sections of Clotilde's book
-Make pizza with Josh
-Eat pizza, drink bottled root beer, and watch MST3K: Mitchell
-Go to bed

-Sleep in
-Have sourdough toast, a clementine, and coffee for breakfast
-Watch Pioneers of Television: Sitcoms
-Start laundry
-Read food photography tutorials online
-Talk Josh into going to fly kites
-Decide that I need to find instructions on how to fly a kite and walk back home
-Continue laundry
-Grab some Sonic
-Watch American Masters: Lucille Ball
-Feel ill a bit after eating
-Research gallbladder and pancreas ailments, cause it couldn't possibly be the fast food, ha
-Read a bit more about food photography
-Watch History Channel while lounging on bed and finishing laundry
-Organize hanging clothes in closet
-Watch You: On A Diet
-Plan trip and make reservations
-Send Josh off to practice
-Watch the first episode of Dancing With The Stars Season 2 on BBC America
-Eat leftover Chipotle and watch Manhattan
-Welcome Josh home
-Try to fall asleep watching How to Marry a Millionaire
-Fail at attempt and fall asleep to Good Neighbors instead

I'm not sure if I could have asked for a better weekend. I immediately yearn for spring once we make it through the holiday season. This weekend was in the 70's with just a few wispy clouds in the sky. It's supposed to be cold again by the end of the week, but these past couple days with their pleasant weather might just get me through another month or two of chilly temperatures. My favorite moment of the weekend might be listening to Rhapsody In Blue while cruising along to Central Market. Actually that probably ties with Josh falling asleep with his arm around me last night.


love.boxes said...

We like the same tunes.

I just can't get over your pretty white table all decorated for Christmas with candy canes in the glasses.. so lovely!!!