Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Roundup

-Sleep in and generally lay in bed most of the day not feeling great
-Shower and get ready
-Dinner at Texas de Brazil with Hoover/Roark clan
-Home to bed

-Sleep in late
-Slowly, but surely get ready
-Finally get out the door and head to Elite Tattoo
-Get a wait time of an hour, grab some Chick-fil-a in the meantime
-Back to the shop for my birthday tattoo
-Target for tattoo aftercare supplies, run into Jamie & Lisa
-Home to care for said tattoo and get ready
-Yo La Tengo show at the Granada for Josh's birthday
-Late night Whataburger and Simpsons episodes after the show
-Hit the hay

-Sleep in
-Make quicky menu plan and grocery list
-Get ready and head to IKEA for frames
-Grocery shopping, run into Clif & Duane this time
-Unload all the cargo
-Clean tattoo
-Salad and sandwich for late lunch/early dinner
-Watch Pale Force while putting things in frames
-Put stuff up on office wall
-Clean up framing mess
-Read some of Groucho book
-Bedtime, sleep horribly, headache returns

Here's a couple of iPhone pics of my new tattoo and newly arranged office wall. :)


Caroline, No. said...

I like your weekend roundups. They make me feel relaxed. :)

Have a good week.

Olivia Carter said...

I saw your tattoo on FB.

Love. It.

Seriously, in love.

And love your desk area. Mine is in serious need of a revamp.

Pill Box Tales said...

You know, I never post comments on here, despite the fact that I check almost daily. But, it was great seeing you guys at Target. I love the tattoo and I'm so glad you went with Elite. I hope you had a great experience. Love the pictures in your office too.