Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to the ConeZone

Here's the thing people, and if you're friends with me in "real life", on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter you already know this- I LOVE Conan O'Brien. And I really mean it. I think the man has more talent in his pompadour than most people have in their entire body. That's how it stays so fluffy and naturally bounces back into place. And, as I think a lot of people have discovered through this whole NBC brouhaha, he is a really genuine guy. I've seen a lot of comments in the recent weeks on many of the blogs I frequent about how inspiring his last Tonight Show speech was, and I couldn't agree more. And the recent turn of events for Mr. O'Brien has made me realize that I just can't go that long without some Conan in my life. So, I've decided that around here on Fridays it will be time to enter the ConeZone. Every Friday I hope to share a video, picture or other Coney-related item to help get us (okay, mostly me) through these dark days until Conan's next project can bring us out of this winter of discontent.

Clearly I had some thinking to do. What clip would best serve as the inaugural post for this new venture? The speech from The Tonight Show might be an obvious choice, but is in fact so obvious, and already so ubiquitous on the blog circuit that it was easy to eliminate it from the running. Then, I of course have some personal favorites. Clips that I can watch over, and over, and over again, then go to sleep, rerun in my dreams, wake up and watch again. But this isn't all about me (just this one time though, from here on out I'll be selfish), it's about sharing a little bit of why I think this guy is the cat's meow, a hilarious inspiration to us all. And so, I made a decision and I truly hope that if you decide to watch these clips they will just reinforce for you what you got a glimpse of last week- he is a man who works hard and is kind. Oh, and is very, very funny. ConeZone #1: Conan's speech to the Harvard Class of 2000, in two parts. Enjoy.


Silvrdark said...

What a wonderful speech - good advice, delivered with just the right amount of humor and self-depreciation. I am a student - but a little older than most... I spent 8 years after high school in pretty crappy jobs before I got the guts to go back.

Most of the college speakers I've listened to had a similar message; however that message was usually delivered with a tone that seemed so self-assured and all-knowing that it was hard to believe the person speaking on the stage could have anything in common with me. It was easy to say that the things they talked about didn't apply to me. I'd wasted so much time. I was juggling classes and a child by myself. How could I ever succeed (let alone excel) when it felt like it was taking everything just to keep my head above water?

The thing I liked the most was Mr. O'Brien's willingness to talk about - and even laugh about - all those painful mistakes. Listening to it makes it a little easier(actually a lot easier) to laugh at myself and keep going, rather than wasting time berating myself for messing up. Thanks for the encouragement, and especially for the laughs, Mr. O'Brien.

Olivia Carter said...

So great! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

Thanks for stopping by and for sharing Erica!

Josh Hoover said...

Fantastic ConeZone!