Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day II

We're on snow day two after about a foot of snow fell here all day yesterday and into the night. Luckily we still have power, although our satellite is out. Our trees are still standing, although some of them are "resting" on the roof. Hopefully they'll bounce back when they aren't weighed down with all the white stuff. I'm regretting eating our last cans of soup on Tuesday though. Soup sure would be good right about now and I don't know if I have ingredients in the pantry to make any. Oh well. We've got mini egg rolls and buffalo wings in the freezer, I'm sure we'll survive, ha. Ran out and took some pictures real quick like this morning and then ran back in for coffee. It's cold! Here are a few pics, more here. I'll be back later today with the Friday ConeZone!

snowday.100211.04 snowday.100211.13




satori101 said...

The bird house photo is especially excellent.