Monday, February 22, 2010

Apartment Therapy Cure

As I mentioned I got the Apartment Therapy eight-step home cure book for my birthday. I decided to get started on it last week and over the weekend, despite my myriad of illnesses, I managed to take care of most of the steps for week one.

.Week One
Make a complete list of repairs and solutions: half done
Vacuum and mop the floors: check
Remove on item from your apartment and put it outside: check
Buy fresh flowers: check
Sit for ten minutes in a part of your home you never sit in: check
Look into earth friendly cleaning products: already done for the most part

I changed out a light bulb/put the extensions on our gutter downspouts/tidied the guest bedroom/vacuumed, swept and mopped/sat at the dining room table for breakfast/listed our old dining chairs on Craigslist/picked up more vinegar and baking soda for cleaning/bought a bouquet of spray roses. Not bad.


Jenny said...

I am going to check that book out from the library right now! Also, I dreamed last night you were my neighbor for a year and I never had you over and then I went to bring you cookies and invited you over for dinner and you had moved to Texas.