Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Learning French...for Free!

As you may recall I decided to renew my attempt to learn French. I am however currently far too cheap to buy any fancy Rosetta Stone or similar product. Instead I've been searching for free resources to try and learn the language. So far I've been working with a combination of FrenchPodClass and Coffee Break French. FrenchPodClass has lesson review sheets also available for free, and I believe Coffee Break French has work sheets and other support material available for a fee. Both are available free through iTunes. I just download them to my iPhone and listen while cooking or doing other chores. FrenchPodClass ended in 2008, but there's 3 years worth of podcasts to utilize. And Coffee Break French will be ending soon, but they say they will be working on an intermediate course next. I also found the free app "French 24/7 Tutor Lite Edition" so when I need to waste a little time I can do play games and puzzles to help me a little. And, on top of that it turns out our friend Jason speaks French, so I'm going to tap him know and then for a little practice.


Caroline, No. said...

Good for you! It's a lovely language, I need to brush up on mine. I hated my French teacher at school and still have nightmares about failing French!