Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dining Room Idea Board

I had a nice birthday yesterday. My boss gave me very little work all day. I got the Ellis Island book and some sweets from Mom and she, and I had Chinese food for dinner. And Josh walked through the door with some daisies and gave me the Martha Stewart book I asked for and said I have more gifts in the mail. All in all, lovely. Also, if you sent me a message or gave me a call, my phone was brokeny until 9 or so last night.

Trying to plan what we (I) want to do to the house. I know I have lamented my inability to make decisions before. Well, guess how easy that makes choosing paint colors. Yeah, not so easy. Well, I know which general color I want to use in most of the spaces. But the exact shade and paint? Ha. We decided to not paint the kitchen/dining room area. That's the only space that isn't getting a fresh coat. So, since I already know the wall color that made it a bit easier to put together my board for the room. So, here ya go. A bit of a NYC theme. Cheesy perhaps, but we likes it. Those photos are just examples, I'll use some of my own photos once I edit them to B&W. And that chair is the same chair we have now, but I'll be painting them all white. And yeah, I already know that I've got an Ikea problem. Don't expect it to be cured either, we're on a budget people.


Emily said...

1st: Happy Birthday :-)

2nd: I love the overall look, but the chairs don't really go. Maybe if you made them either a darker stain or red - they'd make a fun pop color. But as they stand they feel generic. And you guys are not generic (which is good.)

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty good. and similiar to what i have. "elephant" gray walls, white chair rail and other molding in white, red accents, but my furniture is black of it is an oak color. i can't wait to see pictures of what you end up doing. i am sure it will look like a page out of a magazine!! good luck.