Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Roundup

-Work, yuck
-Errands to Home Depot and Lowe's
-Grab some Chick-fil-a
-Plop some paint samples on the appropriate walls
-Head back to apartment

-Rise and shine
-Head to house
-Work on sanding built-in doors and shelves
-Back to apartment to clean up
-Justin & Emily's for Abbey's birthday party
-Apartment again to eat a bite and grab a few things
-Meet Matt & Ashley at the house
-Start taping for painting
-Move some of Ikea closet cabinets to garage
-More taping
-Eat pizza
-See Matt & Ashley off
-Finish up a few things
-Back to apartment for bedtime

-Oversleep, not feeling well
-Sit around till feeling a bit better
-Grocery shopping
-Hit Home Depot with Mom to pick up ladder
-House for work and laundry
-Prime Josh's drum room 3 loads of laundry
-Clean up
-Head to apartment
-Get ready for bed
-Bit of reading