Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Roundup

-Up early and head to house
-Discover leak under sink and panic
-Clean house
-Visit with Seller, there to pick up forgotten items
-More cleaning
-Rearrange some closet accessories
-Go over new appliance info with Frank the delivery man
-Discover that opening up the water line to refrigerator fixed the leak under the sink
-More cleaning
-Read some Newsweek
-Go over stuff that I did with Josh
-Head back to apartment
-Hot dogs and french fries for dinner
-Catch up blog reading I missed during the day

-Oversleep big time
-Try to get pantry stuff from Container Store- too many people!
-Stop at store for donut and hygiene products
-Get ready
-Jen's birthday party- badminton, croquet, wii, burning stuff, good food, beer and laughs
-Grab some Whataburger
-Eat, watch episode of Late Night
-Hit the hay

-Oversleep again!
-Ham & cheese tortilla and apple for breakfast/lunch
-Get ready
-Steph & Rodney's for paint supplies, John & Ann's to pick up tree
-Deliver and plant tree at Deana's
-Container Store for another attempt, successful this time- new pantry here I come
-Drop off elfa stuff at house and check under sink just in case
-Target for a few grocery items and birthday cake
-Apartment for Josh to grab a quick shower
-Deana & Jack's for birthday dinner
-Back to apartment for bedtime