Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Heart America

I got up bright and early this morning, donned my white shirt, favorite red hoody and best blue jeans and walked down to my polling place. I saw a lot of familiar faces from the caucus and convention earlier this year. Being there early allowed me to witness the poll workers take their oath, which was actually quite moving to me. And now I'm sitting here in my red, white and blue pajama pants watching election coverage. I love election day. Nothing makes me so proud to be an American like participating in the political process that marked us as something new and different in the world. Go democracy!


Nicole Marie said...

I agree! All this voting stuff makes me really think about being an American and the opportunities we have and it makes me feel so patriotic! yay America!

Olivia Carter said...

I am so with you. This has been a hard election season but, wow, momentous too!