Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Up early
-Toast and coffee for breakfast
-Brush and floss
-Off to dentist
-Halcion, take me away
-Dentist over, three fillings later
-Sleep 5 hours, I heart you Halcion
-TV time in bed, finish Gilmore Girls S6

-Sleep in
-Coffee, toast and Rick Steve marathon on PBS
-Play a little dvr catch up
-Grocery shopping
-Prep salad veg for week
-Make pumpkin bread
-Make my own pizza for dinner
-Start Gilmore Girls S7, last season!
-Fall asleep watching 30 Rock

-Up early
-Meet Ed at Winfield house- cute but small and what up with the fire damage?
-Fuller house- needs too much "TLC"
-Melita house- too much gun paraphernalia and booze, creepy
-Overton house- foundation sucks
-Staples house- foundation sucks, smells like mold, blech
-Home to be depressed about no house yet
-Pumpkin bread and coffee during more Gilmore Girls
-Quick trip to store
-Make salad
-Make roasted carrots
-Get ready
-Head to Hoovers for early Thanksgiving dinner
-Visit, eat, vent to Kim about house hunt, play with Griffin, fix John's TV, etc.
-Head home
-One more GG episode