Thursday, July 31, 2008


Josh and I had to renew our lease this morning. We decided to go the month-to-month route, in hopes that we will be moving soon. I'm regretting it a little bit, as it increased our rent considerably. One more chunk of money not being saved each month. Blarg. We'll be attempting to tighten our belts even more now. This weekend we'll be working on the following things:

-Return shoes I didn't need to Dillard's
-Sort LPs and books to take to Half-Price Books for resale
-Call AT&T: cancel phone & long distance service and switch to DSL Direct
-Go over all our appliances and power strips to cut back on standby power use
-Drop off Goodwill donation
-See how much money I can cut off the satellite bill, possibly cancel altogether
-Put extra video games and perfume on eBay
-Return extra bikini bottom to Target
-Work on more budget friendly menus and recipes

And on top of all the bad money thoughts floating around in my head, I'm going to the dentist tomorrow morning for a diagnostic visit. Think good thoughts for me, as I seem to be incapable of that.


Rachel said...

I can definitely relate to the decision-making required for renewing leases. But you're making the best decision that you possibly can with the information that you have.
It sounds like you have some good plans. Hope your weekend goes well.