Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Oh boy, work has not been good lately. And in fact I do believe I lost my mind for a time yesterday. But hopefully Scarlett is right, and it is in fact another day (I hate that ending, by the way). Anyway I didn't even have the opportunity to update yesterday, and I had no interest in touching a computer when I got home, except to play some tunes while I cleaned and prepped my produce for the week. But Josh got out of lessons, thanks to an exploding transformer, and we ordered pizza and watched TV together. That helped turn the day around a bit. :)

-Work, blech
-Have worst work afternoon ever
-Run away home
-Make pizza for dinner
-Eat and watch TV
-Goodbye Josh, hello laundry
-Finish laundry and watch The Bandwagon
-Josh gets home
-Hit the hay

-Get hair cut
-Grab some donuts, mmm
-Watch dvr'd What Not To Wear
-Work on budget stuffs while watching some Fred & Ginger
-Finish off my ice cream
-Get ready
-Dinner at Fuzzy's with Niki and Tim
-Fate Lions and BAcksliders at The Moon
-Visit with Kerrie and Emerson, Taylor
-Head home
-Chomp a few pretzels and fall asleep on the couch
-Move to bed in the early morning light

-Watch dvr'd SNL with George Carlin
-Finish grocery list
-Catch some random television
-Grocery shopping
-Make a small pre-dinner snack
-Get ready
-Dinner at J&J Oyster Bar with Carrie and Casey
-Pick their brains about house buying process
-Head home
-Clean up and hit the hay