Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Warning- ramblings of a crazy lady to follow....

Josh and I were talking last night about our plans for the future. We had been thinking that it was time to start the house-buying process. Now we're not so sure. I think we're putting things on hold for a little bit longer. I guess the better way to look at it is we're going to get a few things taken care of before we saddle ourselves with a mortgage. Josh will be gone for 2 weeks in August, which makes us both uneasy about taking on a big house payment right at the same time. We can only estimate at this point how much that's going to affect our financial situation for that month.

I need some dental work. Some being a whole lot. Like I still have my wisdom teeth, and need at least 2 root canals. And that's just the start of it. Doesn't help that I am completely and totally terrified of the dentist. We're talking panic-inducing fear. I mean, Josh is going to have to call for my appointments, because I just can't make myself do it. Even when I had an abscess a couple of years ago I didn't call the dentist. They just so happened to call to confirm an appointment for my brother and I took advantage of having them on the phone. Anyway, we don't have insurance, so as you can imagine this dental work is going to cost a whole heck of a lot.

Our car is in need of some repairs too. And new tires. Again, usually not cheap, especially when you have a foreign car. Although one of Josh's coworkers apparently wants to buy our car for his daughter next year. That could be a good thing, although not having our little Beetle is sort of hard to imagine.

I can't tell how I feel about anything. On one hand, I'm getting nervous about the whole home-buying process and want to spend all our savings on a trip to Paris. On the other hand, I can't stand being in an apartment one more day. The outcome will be somewhere in the middle- more waiting while we spend money on unexciting things that must be done.

This will sound ridiculous, but sometimes being crazy is just more than I can handle. I know, that sounds like an obvious understatement. Most the time I can manage my neuroses fine, but when these stressful things start weighing on me I just want to turn everything over to someone, anyone, else. I hate making decisions. Anyone in the business of running other people's lives? Cause I could use that right about now. In the meantime I just try to make sure I get time to vegetate and ask Josh for help right before I crack.


Carissa Byers said...

No worries, lady. I think I'm in the exact same boat. Need money for dental, car, etc. with a touch of anxiety on how to do that and not having insurance as well as dentist fear. (Note: bring your headphones!)

Don't worry. It'll happen! It has to b/c you're awesome!

Also, we rent. We totally rent. Renting is cooooolllllll. And we have the best house EVER.

I've bought a house and rented a house and renting is just....easier. You can go through a real estate agent to rent, you know.

No worries. Just happy.

Steph said...

someone who is in the business of running other people's lives....

um. hello???!?!?!?

Why don't you get a self pay dental plan? They aren't very expensive. I looked into it a while back when I quit to stay home with Rylee.

Also, you know I am going to say this over think things way too much. If we can do it, you guys can certainly do it. We do it on one income alone and we have one extra person.

love you :)

MrsEm said...

Don't fret. The housing market is poised to get worse before it gets better. Channel your financial energy into saving as much as you can for a downpayment someday, enjoy renting and get those teeth fixed up :)

Jenny said...

You can enroll for dental coverage online before you get the work done and it will be much better than paying out of pocket for it. You can also find dentists that will sedate you or give you valium to take before hand. My husband has severe dentist issues also and they did it for him.

I hope this all works out for you without too much stress. If I find any cute flats I'll send you the links.