Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Finish work on Stephanie's banners
-Tidy house
-Chomp on Chipotle with Josh
-Get cleaned up
-Head to Dancing With The Stars Live
-Have the super best time and scream for my favorite ballroom & celebrity dancers like the huge nerd I am
-Head home and hang out with Spencer for a bit

-Get trim & brows done
-Grab donuts, mmmm
-Work on closet organization
-Goof off on laptop and play Sims while Josh played video games
-Hit Half Price Books for birthday gifts
-Hang at Justin's for his birthday
-Head home and catch the tail end of Graham Norton
-Golden Slumbers

-Go shopping with Steph
-Vacuum and tidy up
-Sis came over after settling in at University of Dallas for teaching workshop
-Dine on delicious Ocean Rock, while annoyed by biting mosquitos at my feet
-Play Sims while Josh plays video games
-Hit the hay
-Never fall asleep thanks to headache

Monday Morning:
-Call to catch ride with mom so I can get some extra sleep
-Have crazy dream that after all my shopping Stacy London criticized everything I was wearing
-Come to work despite the contrary advice from my still pounding head