Monday, June 25, 2007


Stephanie and I went shopping Sunday afternoon. We used to go shopping all the time, but both of us becoming old married ladies and she being a super-mommy definitely decreased the frequency of our trips. And we had been trying to go for several weeks, with life just getting in the way. But we gave life a shove so we could get together. And despite Stephanie's annoyance at how long it takes me to change, we had a great time and I got a ton of stuff. But, let it be known that she bares some of the responsibility, because she always picks out a ton of stuff for me to try on, ha. Of course, the things I want to show you most can not be found on Forever 21's site.

What did I walk away with?
-Strapless bubble dress in a great bold black & white floral
-Cute short sleeve three-button swing jacket in red
-Summery spaghetti strap top in yellow with tiny white polka dots
-Black sweater/shirt combo that's great for work
-Fun skirt that can transition well to autumn in this mod print
-Comfy and stylish bermuda/crop bottoms in a brown plaid
And I was actually able to find pics of the rest:


Steph said...

I wasn't annoyed with you. I was a little miffed about the fact that they took the seating area out of that place and also, what the heck is up with the a/c situation? It's ALWAY hot in that Forever 21 for some reason. I remember being in there 5 or 6 years ago and sweating while trying on clothes. Also, I hate that my phone doesn't work in there. The clothes you got were great though, we picked out some good stuff! I'm jealous of all of your new jackets, you know I'm a jacket ho.

kelly said...

looks like fun! i love the orange shirt!