Monday, June 4, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Smidge of cleaning
-A little blog work
-Get ready for evening
-Attend For Those About To Rock School show, visit with parents and the in-laws
-Eat junk food while watching some of Most Haunted Live
-Crash in bed

-Enjoy my coffee (see earlier post)
-Sign for delivery of new headboard
-Plan upcoming week's menu
-Grocery shop
-Clean kitchen
-Welcome Diggy & visit while waiting for Josh
-Dine on delicious garlic shredded beef tacos, chips, queso, guacamole, and a schooner of Blue Moon at Fuzzy's
-Say goodbye to Diggy as he heads back to his parents house, and Josh as he heads off to show in Ennis
-Watch dvr'd episodes of Most Haunted while organizing household paperwork and entering 2007 bank statements in new money program
-Create spreadsheet to track grocery expenses
-Move giant headboard box so I can fall asleep watching Sleepless In Seattle

-Sleep far too late
-Decide what to make for round 2 of Browniebabe of the Month
-Order pizza
-Gorge on said pizza
-Continue watching Most Haunted
-Run to grocery store for brownie supplies
-Make brownies while Josh and Matt watch dvr'd Simpsons episodes
-Say adios to Matt
-Finally finish movie I started previous Sunday
-Watch Ghost Hunters while finishing Browniebabe entry
-Drift off to sleep with the help of Tylenol PM


Digant C Kasundra said...

Did you know that the guy who "wrote" Sleepless in Seattle was a hack and that the producer actually took the basic idea and the story into what it is. Just IMDB the writer and see what else he has done (little if anything worthwhile).