Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fishing for Father's Day

We've decided that we're going to go to Blue River in Oklahoma on Saturday. Josh's dad is going up early Saturday and staying the night. We'll be driving up early Saturday too, but driving back that evening. Josh has band practice Sunday and doesn't want to deal with having to drive back that morning too. Anyway, I'm very excited! We went to Blue River for my first camping trip in November to enjoy the meteor shower and I had a great time, despite it being in the 30's that night. This time it will be hot, and I can sit in the sun. I need to take a book to read. I still haven't finished my Al Franken book, stopping 3/4 of the way through, as is habit with almost every book I read. But I don't really want to read that on a lazy summer day. Not sure what to take instead though. And maybe I can take along the dominoes, cards, and dice for some leisurely afternoon games. I'm going to make sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch with some chips & salsa on the side, perhaps even some guacamole. The Dad-In-Law will of course catch some fish to fry up for dinner. To accompany dinner I'm going to do grilled potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, and if John has any squash from the garden we'll either grill or fry that up too. Josh has spoken and so the dessert will be strawberry shortcake, and I'll bake some cookies to snack on during the day too. And then lots of beer. Mmmm, beer.