Friday, November 5, 2010


Wow, I haven't updated at all this week. I've been busy with field trips, voting, keeping Josh and I fed, belated grocery shopping, and the past weekend was full of Halloween parties. I got an A on my second English paper, a 95 on my Math test, and I'm impatiently awaiting the grade for my second History Essay, so all is going smoothly with school. Tonight I'm going out for tacos with the girls, and most of this weekend will be spent cleaning house. Conan returns to TV Monday night, and we'll be hosting a dozen or so friends to watch the premier. So excited to be able to see my favorite funny fella on my television again!

In other news, in a short two weeks they are opening an Anthropologie store across the street from my office. Look for my declaration of bankruptcy about two weeks after that, ha. They are also bringing an H&M to the area, but it will be in Dallas so it's not as much of a threat to my financial stability. Such pretty things will soon be so closely within my reach. Well, of my hands. Not so much of my pocketbook. ;)