Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Haven't done a real Weekend Roundup in ages, so how's about I do one now?

-Work, blech
-Stop by store on way home for dinner supplies
-Read and watch TV, waiting for Josh to get home
-Change into our warm jammies
-Make big tray of bean & cheese nachos
-Nacho Pajama Party, commence!
-Watch Eddie Izzard dvd over nachos, chips, salsa, guac and beers
-Hit the hay

-Sleep in a little bit
-Shower and get ready
-Hit Target for Rylee's birthday present
-Hit traffic on the way to Rylee's party
-Birthday party it up, love on Hadley & Logan a bunch, visit with parents of party-goers
-Home for a short rest
-Stop by office to print design
-Elite Tattoo Gallery for my Beatles tattoo!
-Back by the house to grab some brews
-Hang at Matt & Ashley's, eat Mexican food, have funtimes
-Home, clean tattoo, go to bed

-Sleep in
-Coffee in bed, thanks to Josh
-Clean tattoo
-Get ready
-Grocery shopping
-Lunch of Greek salad, cuban panini, and rugelach- super ethnic!
-Fall asleep watching TV in bedroom
-Shower and clean tattoo
-Watch a couple of docs on the Documentary Channel
-Make nachos
-Watch White Christmas
-Fall asleep watching some Simpsons

*Excuse the lack of make-up, pic taken with phone after I was all ready for bed*