Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Is a Raid

So very busy, all of the time, it seems. This past weekend I went out and had a fabulous time Friday night for my pal Holly's birthday. The Levon Helm show the night before that was fantastic too. Then, the rest of my weekend can be more or less summed up with Network. I have a paper due tomorrow, analyzing several scenes from that movie. I ended up watching it THREE full times, plus re-watching several scenes. I guess if I'm being honest, there were also quite a lot of potato chips involved in the weekend too. But snacking was the easiest meal when I'm stuck in full movie mode.

I'm registered for my classes for next semester now. I'm taking Comp II, History 1302, U.S. Government, and my next batch of developmental math- Intermediate Algebra. My current math teacher, whom we all really like, is only teaching one class next semester. I changed my whole schedule just so I could stick with him, so it better be worth it, ha. Instead of the Tuesdays and Thursdays I've been doing this semester, it'll be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I'll be at school an hour later too, but I start an hour later, so there's some pay-off there. I'm just going to need to be more rigorous on keeping my work hours up due to this change. My math class has a great vibe, and hopefully some of the other students are going to be continuing with Dr. Stewart as well, so maybe that'll carry over to next semester. Plus, he's the VP of Teaching & Learning Services on our campus, and got his Masters and Doctorate from the university I'm hoping to transfer to- hello, recommendation letter.

The semester is coming to a close; I finish up in just one month. Naturally, I can barely keep up with all the ideas I have for my free time over winter break. And naturally, there won't be nearly as much as I think there will be, ha. I've got a few frames arriving today from Pottery Barn so I can finally make some progress on putting family photos up in our hallway. And I'm hoping to clear out the freezer, and then restock it with a lot of casseroles and the like for next semester. Of course there's the obligatory Christmas shopping, decorating, and 3 family celebrations. Also, probably absurdly, hoping to push a reset button on my health. I haven't been exercising lately, and my eating habits have definitely gone downhill (see potato chips above). But I'm looking forward to veggie-filled soups and at least making an attempt to get into a bit better shape before our cruise in February. I know that is pretty unrealistic in the season of gingerbread and candy canes, but it can't hurt to try, right?

This song has very little to do with all the crap I rambled about above, but I am so in love with it, and am enjoying the whole album. I'm really connecting with this tune lately and decided I should share it for that reason alone. It's Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy performing "You Are Not Alone", from the album of the same name.