Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Roundup

This weekend was more or less a bust. I barely saw Josh at all, and other than making some really delicious donuts I got very little done.

Feeling very bummed about how busy we are lately. Mostly because it's the kind of busy that leaves you feeling like you've actually gotten absolutely nothing done. I am getting into a heavier workload at school, dislike having to show up at work each day, feel like I've got a million projects around the house needing to be done, and a decent night's sleep is a foreign concept to me.

We've got that $500 to do something with, but haven't decided what. Our anniversary is next week, we've got what appears to be a free weekend in October and a couple more in November, and then my 30th birthday is in February. Times ripe with opportunity for an escape, but if we can only afford one, which one do we choose? Or should it be spent on those nagging projects? What about fall clothes? Or should we not spend our windfall at all? Jeez. Doesn't seem like getting extra money should be stressful, but trying to decide what to do with it sure makes it feel that way.