Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Help Needed, Inquire Within

At this moment I'm just a little overwhelmed with work. Every variety of it- school work, house work, work work. Tonight I need to fill out some calendars for school, so I can get a better picture of my deadlines and know when I'm under a time crunch (as well as 5 sections of reading and Cornell notes, woo). Time is always slipping through my fingers lately. How do you successfully manage your time?

Josh "inherited" $500 from the sale of his grandparents' house. We haven't been able to decide what to do with it yet. It's sitting in a savings account right now, but that certainly isn't it's permanent resting place. Some ideas are to put it towards a short & sweet trip, split it 50/50 to each spend on what we wish, use it to finish up household projects, decide a savings goal we'd like it to go towards. If you received an surprise $500 what would you use it for?

If there is one thing that I just don't get about fashion it is accessorizing. Shoes, bags, belts, jewelry- all generally confuse me. Tights, those seem to throw me for a loop too. Feels like I'm failing as a woman sometimes. Also, despite being almost 30, calling myself a woman feels super weird. I'm just a girl, right? Anyway, are there any hard and fast rules that could make this easier? (The less these rules cost me, the better.)

So, what say you dozen or so people who might read this blog? Any tips, tricks, advice for me in any of these areas?


Olivia Carter said...

I'm no help. I like pretty shoes (mostly flats since I chase children all day) and cute cheap hair things.

Good luck on spending the cash! Let us know what you decide one!