Friday, December 18, 2009

Star Struck

How nerdy is it to be star struck after a visit to your local NPR station? Pretty nerdy I guess, but I couldn't help it! We are lucky enough here to have a new, second public radio station hit the airwaves- a sister station to our NPR affiliate KERA, called KXT. They play indie, Texas, and most importantly, local music. It is so refreshing to have a station supporting and playing good local music. They are fans of my husband's band, Fate Lions, and typically play them once or twice a day. And they are fond enough that this Wednesday they invited them into the KXT studio for an interview and to perform 3 songs live on the air. The boys let me tag along, ostensibly to take photos, but basically I was dying to see the KERA/KXT studios. I think I was possibly more impressed than all the guys!

When we got there Josh and I were escorted in by Jeff Whittington, who produces one of my favorite local KERA shows and hosts a second one. I tried to convey to Josh how exciting that was, but he doesn't really listen to as much public radio as I do. Then, when we were walking towards a conference room to wait out some of the technical set-up, we passed Krys Boyd's office while she was sitting at her desk. Niki laughed at me when I turned back and looked at him with my mouth agape, pointing back at her office door. Once they were ready for the guys I got to wait in the main studio booth, while the guys were set up next door. And as they started their In Studio performance, who should come in but the Vice President of KERA Radio, Jeff Ramirez, followed by the Vice President of all of KERA, Sylvia Komatsu. Talk about awesome, watching them listen and talk about how great they sounded! And afterward as the guys were packing up their stuff Sylvia Komatsu was telling everyone how great they were, and even introduced herself to me and shook my hand. Overall, a highly eventful afternoon that I will not soon forget.