Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Living Room

Remember that time I bought a house, showed you some before pics and idea boards, and then never really followed up on that? Well, I'll probably be posting some more house glimpses here in the days to come, especially since there will be Christmas decorations to share and I'm near finishing my laundry area project (which has only been derailed by all the Christmas business). I finally got around to taking some photos of our mostly done living room a few weeks ago. And then last night I finally got around to uploading them, so thought I would share them with you on this fine Friday. Since it's been so darn long, here again is what our living room looked like when we bought the house, and my idea board can be seen here.



livingroom 1
View from the hall doorway

livingroom 2
View from the dining room doorway

livingroom 3
Our built-in. Such an incredible pain to sand, prime and paint.

livingroom 5
Used a picture ledge opposite the window to add a bit more architecture to that side of the room.

livingroom 4

You can see the pics bigger (and with notes!) here.


EHReditor said...


EHReditor said...

Darn work profile - ignore the cheesy headshot.

Olivia Carter said...

Ummm... I love it! It's fabulous! Will you help me please do my house!

Moomby said...

absolutely gorgeous! you did a marvelous job. it looks like a home i'd see highlighted in a magazine. i love the wall color you chose and that huge window is pretty amazing.