Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Missing Ingredient

I'm not sure what it is. I've got this feeling that there is just something missing. Can't tell you what though. It's like I'm on the precipice of something. What that something is I also don't know- discovery? creation? inspiration? perfection(ha)? But, like, if I had this missing thing my whole world would bust wide open. I would GET IT. I assume IT is life, or something like that. Hmmm.

I'm having minor breakthroughs here and there. I have done some shooting in manual, which was previously a scary no-man's land to me. The living room design/decor is nearing completion. I've been posting more over at Small Time Cooks. I love my husband, my kitty, my friends, my house.

But yet, this feeling that my life isn't quite exactly where I want it to be keeps popping up. Not sure what the missing piece of the puzzle is, but I'm determined I'll find it eventually.

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Anonymous said...

You and the rest of us hon! I think that is the point, though it is highly irritating...I will have an ah-ha moment often...but usually I am just looking at what I can do to fill that "hole in the soul" problem we all seem to share, or those of us with a brain anyway. Usually the key is in the repeating patterns in your life..what repeats..what lessons are you missing? Sometimes you have to get smacked upside the head with it a few times before you figure it out. I love you and I hope you can accept what is and just let go and let it all play out.

Steph said...


just kidding :)