Thursday, July 16, 2009

Entertaining is Fun!

We've invited some friends we haven't seen for quite a long time over for a bit of a last minute dinner Friday night. I was already going to make Vegetable Enchiladas and Mexican rice for dinner, which serves 4, so there's no problem there. There's a pineapple upside down cake from Smitten Kitchen that I've been meaning to try for a long time and I have all the ingredients for it on hand. I was already planning on making a batch of homemade vanilla ice cream this week, so no extra cost or work there and it will go great with the cake. I've decided to make some guacamole so I'll need to stop by the store for the ingredients, and also pick up some yummy Mexican beers, extra tortilla chips and flowers for the table. Since it's all a bit last minute I've made a little schedule to make sure I'll be ready on time.

Last night: Made ice cream
Tonight: Take Mom out for birthday dinner, stop by store for missing ingredients/supplies, prep 1 pan of enchiladas for the oven and put 2nd in the freezer, arrange flowers
Friday: Finish cleaning by 3 (4 at the latest), make the cake, shower and get ready, make guacamole, make enchilada sauce, finish up any last minute things, put rice on the stove, enchiladas in the oven, and welcome our guests

Good thing I just finished re-reading Entertaining Is Fun!