Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekend Roundup

A day late again with this weekend's roundup. I don't like to dwell on my myriad of random health problems, but lately I'm getting my butt kicked by them. Yesterday I needed a sleep-in after a rough night, thanks to some severe acid reflux and an IBS episode. Anyway, that's enough about that. I dwell on this stuff enough in my head, and I'd rather not do it anywhere else.

-Sleep in
-Random house work
-Grab some Sonic dinner with Josh
-Shower and get ready
-Head to Lola's for Fate Lions show
-Hang out with Veronica, Jerko and FL crew
-Post-show tour of house for Niki and Jerko

-Sleep in
-Late brunch of french toast and fruit smoothies
-Finish getting ready
-Head to Wild About Flower Mound for Rock School show
-Stop by Whole Foods on the way home, pick up local grass-fed eggs and local beer
-Home to tidy up
-Dinner at Rosa's with Matt & Ashley
-Back home for chatting and eyebrow grooming
-See M&A off
-Into bed

-Sleep in
-Uncured bacon and fancy eggs for breakfast
-Sweep up drive-way, rake out front beds and clear sidewalk and porch
-Make meal plan and grocery list
-Shower and get ready
-Hit Old Navy- score sweater and shirt for $11 total
-AT&T store for new modem
-Late lunch at Chili's to use rest of gift card
-Grocery shopping at Target and Central Market
-Put up knife storage
-Sharpen knives
-Clean and prep salad veggies
-Clean kitchen
-Hit the hay