Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Plans

I am very excited for this weekend! We have lots of plans that I am looking forward to. Tonight I've got a lot of chores, including laundry, but I'm going to make some tomato soup and grilled cheese and make some time for a little relaxing too. Tomorrow we're borrowing John's truck and heading up a caravan to IKEA with Steph & Rodney and Holly. Can't wait to grab some lunch and finally get a chance to take my time there. Hoping to get so much stuff- patio furniture, a desk, frames, plant pots, a rug pad; the list goes on and on. We might stop by Jen & Jason's garage sale before we have to be at Steph's at noon, but not sure. And then Sunday we're going to make time between assembling all that the frustrating IKEA furniture to go to the Amon Carter Museum. There are three photography exhibits going on that I really want to see. One ends in just two weeks and then a week or so after that they are closing part of the first floor for renovations, so I want to make sure to catch them all while I have a chance. Hope everyone has a great weekend and that mine turns out as fun as it seems!


Nicole Marie said...

sounds like great weekend plans!