Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Resolutions Update IV

Well, here it is June, almost half way through the year. And time for my monthly look at how I'm doing on my goals. As can be expected some have definitely fallen to the wayside, but then on some I'm doing better than I would have thought was possible for me.

-Read two books, the Woody Allen book, and In Defense of Food
-Set aside a whopping $3500 for house down payment, thanks to a 5 paycheck month!
-Spent a lot of time with friends, some new, some old
-Ordered a new lens and book to keep me learning more on photography
-Did a lot more baking
-Continued exercising, though slacking a little bit
-Still eating more vegetables and less fast food
-Finally make it out to Concert In The Garden

And that's about the most exciting stuff that happened this month. I think doing this monthly post is really helping me to keep up with the things that I truly want to continue and what I still want to make sure I get accomplished this year.


Misty said...

Hi! I came to you via Kelly's swap blog but had to comment. I don't know what your original list was, but my goodness those are some pretty cool/great accomplishments!