Thursday, June 5, 2008

Eddie Izzard

Oh man! I couldn't be more excited for tonight! We're going to see Eddie Izzard at The Majestic in Dallas. Sold out show and everything. And since we have to get ready, grab some dinner, and drive to Dallas in time for the 8:00 start time it means I get to leave work early! And I don't have to cook! Excitement from all angles, that is. I've been watching his DVDs all week in anticipation for tonight. Here's one of my favorite bits.


Pill Box Tales said...

Jamie and I saw him when he was here in March (I think) of this year at the Majestic. AWESOME!

Have fun!

Misty said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! oh my gosh, this video was THE FUNNIEST THING!!!