Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Roundup

I was just too tired to do this yesterday. And this is just a Reader's Digest version for me. Note to self: You're not as young as you used to be, and you will pay the price for partying till dawn. But the guys do think you're pretty darn cool now.

-Cleaned and reorganized freezer, refrigerator and pantry after seeing this post over at Black Eiffel
-Had a nosh meal with Josh of chips, salsa, queso, and taquitos
-Listened to some Sidney Bechet
-Visited with my bro and niece
-Read and bed

-Rock School show at Grapevine Main Street Fest
-Dinner of salad, Nathan's hot dogs, and baked oven fries while listening to Prairie Home Companion
-Get ready
-Sunward show at Club Dada
-Party till the sun is coming up, get mad props from all the guys
-Melt into a pool of sleepiness upon home arrival

-Recuperate from partying, actually feel a lot better than I'd expect
-Read a complete Newsweek issue, finally!
-A lot of Most Evil
-Say goodbye to Josh as he goes off to Radiohead- jerk! :)
-Watch Hannah and Her Sisters
-Watch As Time Goes By on PBS
-Read and bed


Emily said...

I'm impressed with your partying 'til dawn. Gives me something to aspire to ;-)