Thursday, May 1, 2008

Resolutions Update III

I like going the short list route with this, I think. Surprising I know, what with my obsessive love of lists. I actually just hand wrote a different list before starting this post. Anyway, through the month of April I:

Added pilates to my exercise schedule- which makes it walking and pilates, ha
Got a lot of spring cleaning done- still need to tackle the baseboards
Made big donation to Goodwill
Ate more vegetables
Read Sense and Sensibility and started Woody bio book
Tried goat cheese- I don't like Chevre
Went camping
Took a few nice pictures
Saved $2500 for down payment
Celebrated our tenth anniversary

Well, all in all, not a terrible month. I'm working on a lot of financial stuff lately, so not as much brain matter to devote to other things. And a lot of things I need to work on- Newsweek, sorry I'm practically ignoring you. We won't even discuss the vacuum cleaner.


love.boxes said...

Your doing great! I wish that I had tackled a few things on your accomplished list> :)