Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Wake up early
-Unload dishwasher
-Sit on couch and watch TV
-Eat chicken noodle soup
-Sit on couch some more
-Sleep on couch
-Wake up just before Josh gets home
-Get dressed
-Go to store for sick supplies
-Eat Chipotle
-Decorate Christmas tree
-Go to bed

-Sleep in
-Lay in bed watching 30 Rock
-Eat chicken pot pie, chicken noodle soup, strawberry ice cream and gold fish crackers through the course of the day
-Get ready
-Head to Dallas for Chemistry Set show
-Hang out with Diggy, Steve & Meri
-Eat a crappy grilled cheese sandwich and fries
-Visit with the Sea Lion boys
-Enjoy the show with Diggy
-Say our goodbyes and head home
-Go to bed super late- 3:00 AM!

-Sleep in
-Make grocery list
-Rush to get ready
-Head to YWCA for Carrie & Casey's wedding
-Enjoy the ceremony
-Hang out at the reception with Spencer & Deb discussing their wedding plans, wedding #3 in the trilogy, ha
-Head home
-Change clothes and go grocery shopping, despite still being a little drunk from the reception :)
-Eat a frozen pizza
-Wrap Ann & Kim's gifts for Hoover family Christmas
-Hit the hay
-Have very fitful night of sleeping, resulting in me sleeping in going in to work late this morning


Digant C Kasundra said...

You ate the pizza frozen? Why not cook it first?