Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Wishlist No. 3

I am currently obsessed with ballroom dancing. This isn't a new obsession by any means, but is currently moving full throttle thanks to the finale of Dancing With the Stars last week. And is also being helped along by my purchase of the dance game inspired by the show. And constantly watching videos on youtube. I've been fascinated with the idea of dancing ever since I fell for Fred Astaire as a kid. And I think if I found this gem under my Christmas tree that my ballroom obsession would probably last right through till the next season of DWTS, and beyond.


Einar said...

It seems to, from the 7 or so minutes that I've spent at your blod and profile, that you do NOT get out enough. That you ar watching too much TV and reading too many books and not living life enough. Like, maybe you need to bust out just a bit more. One person's opinion. eeeek

Mumsy said...

Uh, einar--mind your own business.

I think the ballroom collection is awesome! And if I lived near you, I would be showing up at your door (without my kids) to watch with you.

Jenny said...

Have you seen Strictly Ballroom? It is so funny and the dancing is great too. It's definately a must watch.

einar, I can't believe that you would show up to someone's blog and spend 7 minutes and then be critical. 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'.

Steph said...
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Steph said...

Yeah, what Lindsey said. Mind your own business dude. People can write about whatever they want to write about in THEIR blogs. You don't have to read it and you CERTAINLY do not have to comment on it.

Also, you might want to spell check once in a while. To that end, freshening up on your grammar wouldn't hurt either.

Nemesis said...

We got the big Astair/Rogers collection at my library and I took one of the movies home. I was kind of laughing at how old it is, but then during one of their dances I Suddenly Felt the Magic. It was really, really cool.

Also, word to what my sister Jenny said, Einar. That's just nasty.