Thursday, December 13, 2007


Dudes. I'm sick again. What the H. I'm hoping it will pass quickly. Maybe it's sinus problems from the weather shifts. Yeah, it was hot last Friday. And then cold on Sunday. And then this morning we had freezing fog. I had no idea what freezing fog was, and until the nice man on television finally explained it to me I refused to open my door for fear I would walk directly into a cloud of solid ice. Once my fears were laid to rest and we established that Josh's way to work was more or less free of accidents we left for work. I was planning on working tomorrow, but now that I feel totally yucky I'm think maybe not. I've got about a trillion things to get done around the apartment too, so either way I'll be busy, but at least I can be busy in my pajamas if at home. Am I right? What, you don't walk to the laundry room in your pajamas? Stop trying to make me feel bad.


Jenny said...

I TOTALLY walk to the laundry room in pajamas. Isn't that the point, since everything else is getting washed?

I hope you feel better soon.

Digant C Kasundra said...

What if your pajamas are nudity?

Josh Hoover said...

my pajamas are totally nudity.